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ExoticAnimalsForPetLovers. we give you only the best exotic animals. all our animals are fully tame, home trained and come with health assurance and warranty.

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Looking for a place to buy exotic animals and pets online? exoticanimalsforpetlovers offers healthy pets, fully tame and jovial. we sale very healthy exotic animals with medical guarantee. 

We simplify customers understanding on exotic animals and what procedure they need to follow if they have to purchase one. Before we sale exotic animals to any client, we always make sure we ask the client if he or she is a first timer in purchasing exotic animals so we can suggest which breed and what age will be best for you to get to your home.
we understand the laws of each country, city and state and we know the legal procedures for our customers to follow so they can get their exotic animals safely delivered to them after purchase.

                               If you are interested in purchasing a tiger cub for sale-buy your cheetah cubs online- tame lion cubs available on sale, then exoticanimalsforpetlovers is the perfect online shop for you.


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ExoticAnimalsForPetLovers is an exotic home fully vested in training exotic animals for sale. We have been raising and selling exotic animals for more than 35 years now with a lot of experience. We house exotic animals from birth and raise them till they are cubs, training them to be  pet friendly and of good temperament. All our animals are regularly vet checked and vaccines constantly updated on weekly bases. We accommodate and keep all our exotic animals in a natural environment especially on Spring and Summer falls.  We offer best living standards for our animals before they are sold to our clients. Making sure the animals are tame, jovial and adaptive to any pet loving environment they find themselves in.

We are locally owned and we are based in the USA. 
We supply exotic animals and pets globally with our main clients and customers coming from the UAE(Dubai and Abu Dhabi), the middle east, Asia, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, South America and Antartica.
We do deliver our pets globally and directly to the clients delivery address.
Exotic animals are not fit for everyone. as they require a lot of financial assistance and expenditures especially on their feeding and health (vaccinations).
Not only do we offer cubs but we also sale parrots of all breed such as african greys, macaws, cockatos, amazon, elecdus, senegal parrots, cockatiel, indian ringnecks and fertile eggs. All our parrots are fully tame, weaned and medically current and fit to live in any pet loving home capable of providing love, care and affection for them. Our main objective is finding a home fit and capable of taking care of them.
All our parrot eggs for sale are DNA tasted and very fertile. we give health guarantee for all out pets which we sale at exoticanimalsforpetlovers.

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                                                                      About our fertile eggs

Parrots normally lay 2-8 eggs at a time. there's a requirement for patience because the eggs only hatch after 28-30 days.
All our parrot eggs are kept in an incubator. we keep all eggs far away from reptiles and kids to avoid any sort of damage.
Involved in hatching parrot eggs has been an experience for me. All our eggs come with guarantee and all our eggs are sent with electronic incubators. Incubation period for parrot eggs normally takes 24-28 days possibly depending on the breed. Some hatch less than 18 days. 

 Exotic Animals For Pet Lovers|Electronic incubators for sale

All our eggs come with a digital electronic incubator. Ask for an invoice before making payment for eggs.

 Exotic Animals For Pet Lovers|fertile eggs $ incubators for sale