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JuanTameExotics is renounced and well known for the supply of fully tame healthy exotic animals. All our pet here come with a medical records current and up till date. All our exotic pets are fully tame and raised along kids and domestic animals ensuring their tameness is full. We have below some frequently asked questions and answers.

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What we do at ExoticAnimalsForPetLovers

Sometime any quirky or wild looking pet such as cubs, reptiles and exotic birds are known as exotic animals.Mostly exotic animals refers to species which is not indigenous to the owner's and as a pet, exotic animals are companion pets with living people..

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Do exotic animals serve as good pets?

Exotic animals are fascinating pets that come in different shape, sizes and temperament. they require a lot of space to play and loiter around. As other nirmal pets, exotic animals are very jovial and sensitive pets especially when tame, hand raised and bottle fed.


Are exotic animals safe to keep?

It all depends on their size and their age range. when they are young and grow in a specific environment with specific people, they turn to be their family and bond without any delay. When properly kept in a pet loving and jovial environment, they pose no threat and will serve as normal pets for you. so yes they are 100 % safe to keep.

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Are exotic animals legal to keep?

Most states and cities have regulations on keeping exotic animals as pets but they are legal to keep as pets only when the buyer follows the legal procedure to purchase the exotic animals and obtains legal papers. So ensure that all you obtain a legal pets sales agreement document signed by the buyer and the seller. also make sure you obtain a certificate of ownership which proofs you are the new legal owner of the exotic pet. its of major necessity. 

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What do we feed exotic animals with?


Most exotic animals such as cubs when young feed on milk (usually bottle feeding is advised) and protein as well as bones so as to strengthen their teeth and enlarge their cavity. For more feeding information, click here


How can i get my exotic animal delivered to me?

It all depends on the buyers. we can have the exotic animal delivered to you directly to your house address, office address or you can pick up your pet at the nearest airport to your location.. It all depends on you. But before your pet is handed over to you, an identification document must be presented being it your ID , Passport or driver's license only. The identification document must match the name on the payment receipt which the buyer used in paying for the transportation charges for the pet. Failure to issue identification documents, the pet will not be given to the buyer.

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What if my exotic animals stops feeding?

Feeding issues are mostly due to lack of proper heat, poor feeding conditions, humidity or diet change.

What if my exotic animals becomes wild?

Some exotic pets are easier to handle and adapt to their new environments than other. Pets in general are very sensitive and jovial. they understand when they are welcomed into a family and when they aren't. Aggressiveness comes as a result of the fact they are not being shown a lot of love and passions. Exotic pets like also need a lot of love just as dogs and puppies or kittens. they need to be cuddled and played with too. when they are isolated they become aggressive. The way you exotic animal turns out to be solely depends on your the buyer. So always spent time with your exotic animals and treat them as kids and members of your family which they are. Never be aggressive towards them.

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What if i can't longer take care of my exotic animal?

Most exotic animals can live a very long time and have a long life span. In situations where you are no longer capable of catering for your exotic animals, the best solution is re-homing. That's why we stress a lot on the fact that exotic animals are not for poor people. They are not like ordinary pets such as dogs and kittens where you can budget a monthly amount to take care of them. exotic animals require a lot of funds for their feeding, accommodation, and health or medical care. So before purchasing and exotic animals make sure you are financially ready to cater for them. 

exotic animals for sale|buy Savannah kittens online


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