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These are little spotted tiger cats and one of the smallest wild cats. They weigh about 4.9 Ibs (2.2 kg)  and usually don't exceed 6 Ib (2.8 kg) with males almost larger than males.

We have a male and a female Oncilla kitten available on sale here in our shop. They are fully tame and home trained. Looking for a home for them is all we require.

Max is our male Oncilla kitten. fully trained and tame.

all max seeks is a home to shade him and provide the love and affection he needs, seeks and deserves. Max will play with you and loiter around the kitchen till he's fed. 

He's current on all vaccines and medically fit to live in any pet loving environment conducive for he's well being and livelihood.

Name : Max

Sex    : Male

Price  : $ 3000

Ella is our female Oncilla kitten. she is friendly and very sensitive especially when you approach with love. she feels loved when loved and gets annoyed and will roam around when neglected. anyone looking for a pet friendly kitten, a best friend can get Ella and be sure of no disappointment.

Name : Ella

Sex     : Female

Price   : $ 3250