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About Savannah kittens 

Savannah kittens can habitat and live with other pets without any issues. With their energetic miniature, they always turn out to make other pets tired during play or roaming around. They get along with dogs, parrots and other domestic pets such as rabbits and ferrets.  Some Savannah kittens have the mindset and notion on how to open doors and enjoy being with their owners following them from door to door even in the kitchen they will still follow you to the rest room. Unlike other exotic pets and animals, no no permits are required or basic to acquire and purchase a Savannah kitten. The same care you dish out to any other regular pet is the same care Savannah kittens require.They get along with kids and any other living thing at home that has the time and mind to play with them they are very jovial and friendly pets. They range from 65 to 5 % of Serval kittens. 

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Moody and anxious of purchasing an exotic kitten from us? READ BELOW

Somethings are necessary to consider which are quite basic to us before purchasing a kitten from us.

1.       First, your house description is basic to us. are you living alone? are you married with kids? if kids are in the house how many kids are there? do they have experience with kittens? It's of full necessity to find out more about the home our kittens are moving into.  We ask all these information so we can know which specific kitten will be good in your home and which will adapt to your environment with no problems.

2.       Do you have any pet experience? if yes which specific pet breed have you had before? will this be your first time purchasing a kitten?

3.       Are you familiar with pet care? do you have a veterinarian in your area?

4.      When specifically do you need the kitten?

click here to provide direct answers and ask your questions to our breeder expert

F1 Savannah kitten                         Ready to go                                                     

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Our F1 Hybrid Savannah kittens are bottle-raised and are temperate with a size of about 17-22 ibs. Aside being bottle-fed, they receive other training and feeding programs which we treat them to get use to. we feed most of them with fish scales, fish gizzards and other internal organs of fish. they are friendly, sensitive and emotional. Looking for a home for our kittens is our main objective and aim. we make sure we give the best home to the best pet and vice versa. 

Should you choose buying any of our F1 kittens, you will have to download the sales agreement by clicking here and reading through it and later filling and signing and sending us a copy.

Sex     : Male

  Name : Jayden

Price : $ 6500 

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F1 Savannah Kitten

Rachel is our lil baby. she is very friendly, sensitive and also emotional. she is a monthly aged F1 savannah kittens with a lot of distinctive altitudes. she's pet friendly and loves a lot of roaming and playing around. she loves being carried like a darling which she is. she is the type of kitten who will always want to sleep with you on the same bed. she will always get jealous if you touch or carry another pet lol. Getting Rachel into your home will be a massive additions. Especially if you are looking for a companion then she fits best.

   Sex     : Female

 Name    : Rachel

Price      : $ 6700 

F2 Kittens fully tame available                                                                                                                                                                         Ready to go

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                                                        Karl is he's name. he is a stunning F2 Savannah kitten we have available. he plays, he roams around and loves to get noticed. he is the type of F2 kitten that will always be there for you in emotional times and in hard times. he will always roam around your feet waiting for you to carry him, hug him and kiss him. he loves watching TV and feeding on time.

                                                                          Name :  Karl

                                                   Sex     : Male

                                                   Price   : $ 4000

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Lizzy!!!! this baby is amazing. she is playful, sensitive and very jovial. she is the type of kitten who loves to follow you no matter where you go including the rest room. she will never give you space when you are home. she believes when she is at home with you she should always be pampered and carried around like the baby she is. A pet loving home is all she needs, requires and wants.

   Name :            Lizzy

     Sex    :            Female

                                             Price   :           $  3900 $                                                                         

F3 Kitten                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Ready to go

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Ferdinand is a male F3 savannah kitten we have on sale here in exoticanimalsforpetlovers.  He is fully tame, medically healthy and current on all illness and diseases. Ferdinand is very protective especially in regards to he's feeding lol. Ferdinand will give you all signs when famished especially following you to the kitchen, living room and rest room till he's fed lol. looking for an active male F3, Ferdinand is the right choice for your home. he will go to any pet loving home willing to accommodate him. 

Name  : Ferdinand

Sex : Male 

Price : $ 3750

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Gina is a home trained F3 Savannah kitten. she is home trained, fully tame, very friendly, emotional and sensitive too. Gina will sleep on your laps, watch tv with you, feed only when you eat, sleep when you go to bed with you in bed lol. she hates being ignored and left alone without any one by her side. she will always want to spend time with you. she will always feel lonely when left alone in the house. this is a very emotional F3 kitten. Looking for love, an emotional and jovial partner? Gina is the one for you.


Name : Gina

Sex : Female

Price : $ 3750 

F5 Kitten                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ready to go

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Name : Macron 
Sex : Male 
Price : $ 3200 

F6 Kitten                                                                                                                             Ready to go

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Ruth is our female baby F6 kitten available on sale. she is playful, tame, sensitive and very passionate. she loves being pampered and toyed with. she loves cuddles and kisses so badly when you kiss her she will never want to leave your side. she will sleep with you, feed with you and even want to follow you to work lol. She will make a perfect pet for your home and addition to your family


Sex: Female

Price : $ 2500