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Tame Jaguar cubs available|buy panda cubs fully tame


At ExoticAnimalsForPetLovers, we ship all our animals using a reliable pet courier agency.Tame Jaguar cubs available|buy panda cubs fully tame

 Exotic Animals For Pet Lovers|Exotic animals pets for sale - buy exotic pets

Airline Shipping

ExoticAnimalsForPetLovers . Tame Jaguar cubs available for sale. buy panda cubs online fully tame. ExoticAnimalsForPetLovers CO, USA

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*It takes just a few few hours to get our pets from our home to yours. 

*Pickup is to be decisive by the buyer. the buyer decides either to pickup the pet from the nearest airport or have the pet delivered to your house address

*Transportation cost do not include additional paperwork required for your state. Papers such as health certificate and transfer of ownership documents have different charges required.

Tame Jaguar cubs available|buy panda cubs fully tame

Home delivery

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*All animals are delivered to the address provided by the buyer. Buyer must provide specific time he/she will be available so the delivery agent can bring the pet to the delivery address. 

NB: Buyer must provide identification document matching the receipt for the transportation charges to ensure he or she is the one who paid for the flight for the pet. failure to do so the delivery form will not be issued and the pet will be returned.

Tame Jaguar cubs available|buy panda cubs fully tame

*All pets travel alongside care services who feed them and take care of them during the flight till the arrive their destination. 

*Flight charges is determined by destination distance and the more the distance the more the charges.

Health Warranty
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In our sales agreement, we write and emphasize on the truth which is all our pets are healthy and medically fit to live in any pet loving environment conducive for their well being and livelihood. We hence assure that all our pets are medically healthy, free from diseases, and parasites during our sales to the buyers.

All our pets are sold with a duration of one year health guarantee. If the animals if found or discovered sick during this duration of guarantee, then we at exoticanimalsforpetlovers will compensate the buyer with health cost payment charges or send another healthy pet of the same breed, age , sex and size to the buyer. This can only happen if a veterinarian checks the pet and confirms the pet was suffering from any illness before purchase. 

All claims must be administered by a veterinarian.

Tame Jaguar cubs available|buy panda cubs fully tame

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Deposits paid are non refundable. Meaning failure for the buyer to complete the payment on a specific agreeable time. the pet might be sold to a reliable buyer and deposit will not be refunded. On the other hand, shipping fees paid and not used are refundable without hesitation. Choosing to take another animals instead of the one you paid a deposit for, 50 % will be cut off from the deposited money. Reservation expires after 7 days.

Tame Jaguar cubs available|buy panda cubs fully tame