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Read cautiously 

Selling kittens is part of us. Making sure our clients are satisfied is out premium objective. Our duty is making sure all our kittens go to the pet loving home they need, seek and merit. 

All our Sphynx  kittens come with current updated health vaccinations, deworming and pet sales agreement. We sale all our kittens with health guarantee and warranty all health records will be sent too alongside the kittens of your choosing.  The kittens come with food, feeding accessories and manuals alongside other basic accessories. Kittens are fit to leave when they are about 12-16 months of age. This breed of cats do not develop hair as other regular cats do. They are worth $ 2500 and above.  We always seek awareness and experience of pet buyers regarding Sphynx kittens before sales and safe delivery to the house address of any buyer will to purchase a Sphynx kitten for sale which we have here in our store. Visiting our kittens is 100 % acceptable.  We are based in the USA and we ship and deliver our kittens globally .

Available Sphynx kittens on sale

Audrey is a female Sphynx kitten we have here on sale in our exotic pet home. she is very adorable though lazy but very emotional and sensitive. Audrey will represent love to your family. she will play around with your kids and watch TV with them. she is the type of kitten who will not waste time eating when you are eating and playing at all cost when show love. she is fully tame and current on all vaccines. Looking for a female Sphynx kitten on sale? we offer the best at affordable prices. 

Name : Audrey

Breed : Sphynx

Sex    : Female

Price  : $ 1300 

Bella is a home trained and raised Sphynx kitten very jovial for sale. she is so adorable will spend all times with you. she will watch you sleep and roam around your legs and feet when excited. she will spend time with you especially when you carry her and cuddle here. seeking for a pet loving home for her is all we seek.

Name : Bella

Breed : Sphynx

Sex     : Female

Price   : $ 1500

Ricco is a very playful Sphynx kitten. he is very focused when it comes to he's feeding and seeks love and affection at all cost. looking for a home for Ricco won't be of problem because we know he's worth.

Name : Ricco

Breed : Sphynx kitten

Sex     : Male

Price   : $ 2000